Cheap Wine Analysis #SundayFunday

I decided to try this 1.5L Liberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon wine that I found at Kroger.


Not because I have heard anything great about it… But Bc it was in a huge 1.5L bottle, only $6.99 and payday is this Friday so I’m pinching pennies! #adulting

Current mood:

…and I’m not even single.


So let’s try out this thrifty wine!

1st sip:
Abomination. This is NOT. Cabernet… But it IS $7 for 1.5L of alcohol and one lady online said she let it “open up first” so… I’m keeping the dream alive.

*Full credits of New Girl have gone by*
AKA 3-4 mediumish sips…

I take back my initial “Abomination.” verdict. It could be that I’m feeling that initial wave of, “OHHHHHHYEAHHHHHHHHH” koolaid man style… But it’s not… Completely… Unbearable.

The top glass is now empty… It makes a beautiful *glugGlugGlug* sound every time I take a sip now… The beauty of the wine bottle glass.


This wine still doesn’t taste FANTASTIC… But I feel fantastic… And it’s not awful, so I’m pretty happy right now.

Schmidt just told Cece he is cheating on her with Elizabeth… And I’m not even sad about it… Bc I am IN THE ZONE with this #sundayfunday cheap wine.

FullSizeRender(16)Scuttlebutt is being a bit Judge Judy about the situation, but she’s not the boss of me.



A responsible #sundayfunday consists of constant food and staying hydrated. An adult knows when they need to take a pause before continuing the journey to Margaritaville.

After a slight headache (thanks cheap wine) a nice, big water chug and a 15 min nap, I’m back on top on the world and ready to continue this adventure with my cheap wine!

I’m right above the “Finally!” on my glass… It’s getting difficult to keep pace… There is definitely a reason why this wine is so cheap.


Caught my second wind… Nailed some hilarious SnapChats… Just played a mini game of waterfall with myself. (this version of waterfall is chugging through the show’s starting credits)

This wine is off the Naughty List and back on the Nice List!

I’m really proud of myself for not needing a resolution for 2016 (winning the lottery doesn’t count)
I’m happy with the way I am.


Most of the time.


80% of the time.

I’m happy right now. #livinginthenow

I’m thinking Italiano for dinner tonight… My significant other wants to spend the evening watching the game… I’m becoming more and more okay with it.

The wine is doing its job.

Down to the final stretch… I am D R Y B K.
That spells drunk.


A couple sips to go until my final, fancy pants analysis.

The name of my future biography has been nailed down:
“Pour Yourself a Wine Bottle Glass and DEAL WITH IT.”

I did it. It’s done.


Final analysis:
I will NEVER drink this wine again. It’s for peasants.

Can you make spaghetti without boiling noodles? I don’t trust myself with hot water right now… Maybe I can just pour some sauce on some dry noodles and stick it in the microwave. I will let you know the final results of that masterpiece.

Also, I want to open a bar.