Do My Hands Smell Like Pee?


“Me llamo es Scuttlebutt”

This morning I had one of those moments where you realize you’re just a bit more mature than you thought you were.

I’m no wise woman… But when I noticed that my cat, Scuttlebutt, peed outside her litter box… I’m choosing to believe it wasn’t out of anger with me, but that maybe she inherited her mother’s fear of the dark and something startled her… I simply looked at it, looked at her, sighed, and grabbed some cleaning supplies. Didn’t get mad, or upset… Just.. “You know the drill sir!” and cleaned that shit up like a pro!

To give you an idea… I live in an apartment, and my closet is huge so I keep her litter in my closet on a far wall. (investing in heavy duty kitty litter is a must) so I have all these layers… I have a rubber layer square, then I place a raggedy towel over that, and I have this large rectangular plastic trap (really it’s a bin lid, but a girl’s gotta be thrifty) and I place her litter box on all of that with a pet walk up. When she manages to pee outside her box the plastic trap catches it and I am forced to remove the box carefully and clean the bottom, set it on another towel to dry… Take out the plastic trap completely and clean it in the shower, and if the towel has been there more than a month I switch it out, it doesn’t get dirty, I just imagine it can’t smell too good, idk. So this is a PROCESS… And I use to get SO upset when I had to do it! (this happens around once or twice a month)