The Tale of Arac

Today I thought I would share a story written by a dear friend of mine… It had everything you could want in a story… Magic, intrigue, betrayal… It’s quite juicy.

So without further ado…


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a legend. Her name, was Arac. Arac was the talk of the land because all of the munchkins that lived there had never seen a girl that tall. arac1


They all idolized her. Arac was a giant princess in the land of the little people. Once day, as a token of their gratitude, the munchkins put their savings accounts together and bought Arac a BRAND NEW CAR! It was an ice blue AIK, a well-known brand. arac2


Well, one of the not-so-friendly inhabitants got word of this and grew extremely jealous of Arac and her AIK named JEAN BARBARA. This mean person was Ylime.ylime


Ylime, known as the “Bucket of Mystery” Ylime, was so mad that she ripped off the passenger door handle of Arac’s car.ARACYLMIE




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